Congratulations to 2023 ACM Prize in Computing Recipient, Amanda Randles!

We would like to congratulate the 2023 ACM Prize in Computing recipient Amanda Randles, who has been recognized by the Association for Computing Machinery for “groundbreaking contributions to computational health through innovative algorithms, tools, and high-performance computing methods for diagnosing and treating a variety of human diseases.”

Randles is the Alfred Winborne and Victoria Stover Mordecai Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Duke University. She is known for developing new computational tools to harness the world’s most powerful supercomputers to create highly precise simulations of biophysical processes. Her early work included creating accurate 3D simulations of how blood flows through the circulatory system. More recently, she and her team developed biomedical simulations that yield direct and concrete impacts on patient care, including simulations of 700,000 heartbeats (the previous state-of-the-art was of 30 heartbeats), the interaction of millions of cells, and cancer cells moving through the body.

Randles will be presented with the ACM Prize in Computing at the annual ACM Awards Banquet, which will be held on June 22, at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

The ACM Prize in Computing recognizes early-to-mid-career computer scientists whose research contributions have fundamental impact and broad implications. The award carries a prize of $250,000, from an endowment provided by Infosys Ltd.


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