Congratulations to 2024 Abel Prize Recipient, Michel Talagrand!

We would like to congratulate the 2024 Abel Prize recipient Michel Talagrand, who has been recognized by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters “for his groundbreaking contributions to probability theory and functional analysis, with outstanding applications in mathematical physics and statistics.”

Probability theory first originated from problems in the context of gambling and risk assessment but has since become crucial in modern contexts like weather forecasting and developing large language models. Talagrand's work focuses on understanding geometric properties of high-dimensional phenomena, leading to influential inequalities. He has contributed to areas such as stochastic processes, phase transitions and statistical mechanics. Talagrand also provided quantitative versions of the law of large numbers applicable to discrete random variables, laying the groundwork for a non-asymptotic theory of independence.

His prolific and impactful work has transformed probability theory, functional analysis and statistics, addressing fundamental problems with deep analytical and geometric insights.

Talagrand will be formally presented with the award at the Abel Prize award ceremony on May 21, 2024.


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