The World goes Maths – First International Day of Mathematics launched and celebrated worldwide!

On March 14, 2020, the first International Day of Mathematics (IDM) will be celebrated all over the world. In more than 100 countries, over 1000 individual events will take place to highlight the beauty of mathematics and its essential role in everyone's life. The Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation is also participating in the IDM by organizing a very special event. In the Mathematics Informatics Station (MAINS) in Heidelberg, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy colorful hands-on experience in 3D geometry by creating geometric objects that range from the classical Platonic solids to a surface that partitions space into infinitely entangled subsets.

The IDM, proclaimed in November 2019 by the UNESCO, is a project led by the International Mathematical Union with the support of numerous international and regional organizations. The main hub for the International Day of Mathematics is the IDM website (, which is made possible by the Klaus Tschira Foundation.


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