Panel Discussion: Mathematics and Computer Science

Eric A. Brewer, Alexei Efros, Shigefumi Mori, Ragni Piene, Carlos E. Kenig, Cherri M. Pancake

Future Challenges in Mathematics and Computer Science

Experts and laureates from diverse specializations examine various issues and engage in a lively, in-depth debate.

Moderator: Ragni Piene
University of Oslo

Eric A. Brewer
ACM Prize in Computing - 2009 
For his design and development of highly scalable internet services and innovations in bringing information technology to developing regions.

Alexei Efros
ACM Prize in Computing - 2016
For groundbreaking data-driven approaches to computer graphics and computer vision.

Shigefumi Mori
Fields Medal - 1990 
For important developments in algebraic geometry: the Minimal Model Program or Mori’s Program, in connection with the classification problems of algebraic varieties of dimension three.

Carlos Kenig
President International Mathematical Union (IMU)

Cherri M. Pancake
Oregon State University