Thursday's Snapshots

Day 4 wrapped up the Scientific Program, and began earlier than the other days in order to provide space for Lab Visits, Alumni Presentations, even a laureate talk. The regular schedule picked back up with presentations by the award granting organizations with brief background videos of the ACM, IMU and DNVA. Barbara Liskov reflected on programming methodology, and Jon Kleinberg analyzed the bias in machine-learning algorithms. An informal dialogue between Yoshua Bengio and Kleinberg tackled ethical challenges surrounding biases. Laureates from both disciplines conversed about where mathematics and computer science interact.

The program officially came to a close with an announcement about the imminent change within the Board of the HLFF. Despite the sessions being concluded, networking continued in Virtual Meeting Hub with an avatar packed dance party.


“Observing a virtual concept become a real event was a powerful experience, and one from which we will continue to draw inspiration and insight for quite some time.” (Beate Spiegel, Chair HLFF)